Polished Concrete Floor

Mechanical polishing uses special grinders. Progressively finer diamond-impregnated bits gradually close the micro pores of the concrete surface. During this process, color, artwork, and engraving can be included. Concrete polishing results in a high-end “WOW” factor finish. The final product speaks for itself and is a very durable, high-gloss, virtually no-maintenance floor. 

Concrete floor polishing is the most environmentally friendly floor preparation.

For the highest gloss shine, KD Flooring recommends and offers low cost maintenance to increase the life expectancy and shine of your floor. This will be a quick and inexpensive process.

Polish vs Grind and Seal

Polished concrete floors undergo multiple passes of progressively finer diamonds. Coated with a hardener and protected with a stain resistant guard resulting in a "showroom” finish. Grind and Seal flooring systems undergo a similar process, except the floor see’s fewer diamonds resulting in more of a matte finish. A clear topical or penetrating sealer is applied which preserves, protects, and enhances the natural beauty of the underlying concrete.

Hassle-Free Floor Removal

Do you want to remove your old floor covering, but lack the proper equipment and know-how? Save time and energy by turning to K D Flooring & Installations for all your floor demolition needs. We have the best technology available to accommodate larger jobs! We currently have in rotation the ride-on Hybrid Bronco floor stripper that combines speed and power with zero emissions. This machine can be used indoors in enclosed spaces or tight hallways. There is no pollution when this machine is in use.




Epoxy Coating

Sheet Vinyl